Lens and Lights is a student organization that provides professional quality lighting, sound, and projection services to the WPI campus and surrounding area. New members are always welcome; no experience is necessary!


We are Lens and Lights, a group of students with a shared passion for event production. We amplify our technical experience and leadership skills by working in teams, with clients, and with professional grade equipment. Throughout the year we support countless events with quality lighting, sound, and projection services.


LNL provides lighting for a variety of events with our inventory of professional grade equipment. We illuminate all sorts of events including full on dance parties, stage performances, live bands, receptions, outdoor gatherings, and large robotics competitions! The equipment we own includes a variety of conventional, LED, and arc lamp fixtures which enable our members to be creative in their lighting design! Highlights include several pairs of moving head spot and LED wash fixtures, wireless uplights, and over 100 conventional Source Four fixtures. We also have a variety of lighting consoles to control them, ranging from small analog consoles to large and complex consoles in the EOS and HOG families. Now if all that sounds like a bunch of jibberish, come help out at one of our events and we will be happy to explain everything. We also encourage you to checkout our upcoming workshops!

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Lens and Lights does numerous sound events on campus! They range from smaller events like providing a wireless microphone for a speaker, to a Capella shows and music on the quad, to full blown robotics competitions like BattleCry at WPI. We have several different speakers, mics, consoles and more which we use to create the best event possible! If you've ever been interested in learning how sound can go from a device like your phone out to some of these larger speakers, feel free to stop by a sound event and we will show you the ropes (...and the cables)!

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LNL maintains several projectors on campus, capable of showing theatre quality, full-length feature films. Our digital projector is used to show Soccom’s weekend films in the Fuller Upper Perreault Hall. We also maintain two 35/70mm film projectors that are more than 50 years old. Members can be trained on each of these projectors, starting with one of our two 16mm projectors and working their way up through the larger formats. Setup for weekend movies typically happens at 7:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Come say hello and learn about the fun that is projection. It's a reel-y good time!

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Let's Get In Touch!

For more information, walk up to anyone wearing an LNL t-shirt or pushing a road case! We're happy to show you what we're doing.

You can also stop by one of our meetings! General Body Meetings are held at 5pm on Wednesdays, and our Executive Board Meetings are at 5pm on Mondays.

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How to Join

We encourage you to stop by and chat or help out at any of our events. You can also stop by one of our general body meetings, which are held every Wednesday at 5PM.

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