Interested in the technical resources that Lens and Lights has? We’re glad you’re here! Equipment is one of the cornerstones of our organization and we have access to some very cool stuff. Take a look at the lists below for each service category to see what types of items we own!



  • ETC Gio (on loan from our fantastic friends at VOX Musical Theatre)
  • High End Systems Road Hog 4
  • High End Systems Hog 4
  • Avolites Pearl Expert with Touch Wing
  • High End Systems Hog 500
  • Strand Lighting 200
  • Leprecon LP-2000 Cue Plus
  • Leprecon LP-612

Intelligent Fixtures

  • 2x High End Systems Solaframe 2000
  • 4x VariLite VL-2000
  • 2x Elation Platinum Spot 5R Pro
  • 24x Phillips Color Kinetics Colorblast 12TR
  • 4x Phillips Color Kinetics Colorblaze 48
  • 6x Martin MAC Aura
  • 12x ETC Desire D60 Lustr+
  • 12x Chauvet EZpar T6 USB
  • 2x Diversitronics Mk. 2000 Strobe

Conventional Fixtures

  • ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal
  • ETC Source 4 Par
  • Altman PAR 64
  • Altman Fresnel
  • Altman Striplight
  • ETC Mini Source 4
  • Thomas Molefay


  • 4x racks of Leprecon dimmer packs (2x 36 channel, 2x 24 channel), with varying number of auxiliary and non-dim circuits



  • 96’ of Tomcat 20.5” box truss
  • 80’ of Applied Electronics 12” box truss


  • 6x Columbus McKinnon Lodestar 1-Ton chain hoists
  • 2x Columbus McKinnon Model 633 Chain Falls


  • 4x Applied Electronics L-16
  • Applied Electronics L-25



  • DiGiCo S31
  • Midas M32R
  • Behringer X32
  • Yamaha LS9-32
  • Allen & Heath GL-4000
  • Mackie SR40•8
  • 2x Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3 16:2
  • 2x Mackie 1202 VLZ3/VLZ4


  • 4x EAW KF850
  • 4x EAW LA325
  • 2x EAW LA215
  • 6x EAW SM200iH
  • 2x EAW JF60
  • 4x QSC KW122
  • 2x EAW LA128
  • 6x EAW SB1000


  • 1 “PA Rack” consisting of an EAW UX8800 processing unit and a mix of Crown iTech and LabGruppen amplifiers
  • 4x “Wildcard” amp racks consisting of dbx Driveracks and a mix of QSC PLX and PL amplfiers
  • Crown XTi 1002 (for JF60s)
  • 2x QSC PL236 (for LA215s)


  • Several channels of Shure ULXD, ULXP, and Sennheiser wireless


Projectors in Operation

  • 2x 16mm EIKI EX-4000
  • 2x Norelco Todd-AO DP70
    (both over 50 years old!)
  • Christie CP-2210 (Digital)

Retired Projectors

  • 2x Carbon Arc Super Simplex


  • Numerous 16mm advertisements/cartoons
  • Numerous 35mm movie previews
  • A small number of 70mm previews
  • Space Jam - Feature Film (35mm)
  • Daredevil - Feature Film (35mm)
  • Open Season - Feature Film (35mm)
  • Bee Movie - Feature Film (35mm)

Fuller Upper

  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • Theater lighting control
  • Film bench
  • Sound processing from Dolby, dts, and more