About Lens and Lights

We are Lens and Lights, a WPI student organization which provides quality lighting, sound, and projection services to the WPI community. We are a group of very passionate individuals who are interested in working with production equipment and advancing the WPI community.

To On-Campus Organizations

Do you want to be seen and heard by the masses at your next event? Bring in Lens and Lights! We specialize in lighting and sound, from a simple spotlight or microphone to full-stage setups. We also run a movie theater with high quality film and digital projection capabilities. For more information, contact our Vice President or check out the online workorder tool.

To Interested Students

Want to work with high-quality equipment and become a driving force in getting things done on campus? Join LNL! We encourage you to stop by and chat or help out at any of our upcoming events. You can also pop by one of our general body meetings, every Wednesday at 5PM in AK233 when classes are in session, or visit our office on the third floor of the campus center.

Meet Our Officers


President - Not available

The President's job involves diplomacy - keeping the peace among club members and officers, serving as a liaison between the club and WPI, and keeping the club running smoothly.

Vice President

Vice President - Not available

The Vice President is in charge of events and serves as a liaison between the club and our clients. They work with clients to select the best services for their event and are responsible for managing the logistics to ensure our events run smoothly.

Technical Director

Technical Director - Not available

The Technical Director's responsibilities include the purchase, repair and upkeep of equipment. They are also responsible for training our members in the proper use of the equipment.

Head Projectionist

Head Projectionist - Not available

The Head Projectionist (HP) is in charge of the club's projectors, making sure they are kept clean and maintained. They also serve as a liaison between the club and clients looking to have projection at their event. Additionally, the HP is responsible for training all of our new projectionists.


Treasurer - Not available

The Treasurer is in charge of the club’s financial operations, both with on-campus accounts at WPI and off-campus customers. Their responsibilities include billing clients, paying invoices, submitting reimbursements and balancing the club’s finances.


Secretary - Not available

The Secretary keeps minutes during all the meetings. The secretary is also in charge of keeping accurate membership lists.


Webmaster - Not available

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the club's web services, including our internal database. They are also responsible for public relations and managing the club's social media.

Boom Boom

Mascot - Boom Boom

Boom Boom makes appearances at various LNL events. Boom Boom is responsible for boosting crew morale and always encourages us to reach higher.


During the winter of 1961-62, five WPI students got together and formed an organization they called Lens and Lights. Check out our history page to learn more about how the club has grown over the years and to view photos from past decades.


Ever wonder how we control the lighting or the sound systems used for events like Can We Talk? or the annual VEX Robotics event? If so, or if you simply want to learn more about the equipment LNL has in stock, you can browse through some of our inventory and learn more about our equipment on our Technical Overview page.