LnL has been providing sound reinforcement to the WPI community since the early 1970s. Whether you need a microphone for a single presenter in the Odeum, or an entire concert PA for a professional band, LnL has the equipment, personnel, and technical expertise necessary to make your event both affordable and successful.

All of our speakers are manufactured by Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) and are typically organized by the size of the event they are suitable for. However, for larger events like the WPI FIRST Robotics Regional and BattleCry, more speakers are needed. For events like these we will often use all of the speakers in our inventory.

Large Events

For large events such as concerts and other professional performances you may have seen in Alden Memorial, Harrington Auditorium or on the Quad, we use:

4 KF850s - According to EAW, the “KF850 Series loudspeakers are the world touring standard, accepted in more technical riders than any other loudspeaker.”
4 SB1000s - Large subwoofers
6 SM200iH for monitors, which allow “professional musicians and the audio professionals who support them the ability to customize on-stage monitor systems to the needs of the performing ensemble and venue.”
Allen and Health GL4000
Mackie SR40-8
Yamaha LS9-32
The KF850s and SB1000s are tuned with a UX8800 processor that EAW claims “no other rack-mounted digital processor can approach … in terms of dramatically advancing current and future EAW loudspeaker performance” and are powered by Crown I-T4000 and I-T8000 amplifiers. This setup allows us to remotely monitor our speakers and ensure that nothing can be over-driven, providing clean and powerful sound without any distortion.

Medium and Small Events

For smaller events than those described above, we have the following equipment available from EAW’s LA Series, which “brings together professional components and rugged construction with EAW’s total system engineering to create compact, portable loudspeakers ideally suited to small venue live performance”

4 LA325s
2 LA128s
2 LA215s, often seen in the Goat’s Head
These speakers are powered by QSC PLX3602 and PLX3402 amplifiers, and are perfect for small bands and acoustics. They will pleasantly fill a small venue very easily and are powerful enough to handle events in Alden as well. We also use the Allen and Heath Mixwizard3 16:2 mixer for these kinds of events.

When it comes to microphones for any event we use the industry standard Shure SM58 and SM57. We also have many other professional microphones available. A few of these are listed below:

Beyerdymanic M-88
AKG D112 for kick-drums
Sure SM81 condenser microphones
This only covers some of our inventory, as we have enough to handle any event necessary. We also have a full suite of four high end wireless microphones for your convenience. Whether you require a handheld or a headset, we can provide the mobility you need for your event.

This huge selection of equipment makes it possible for us to provide high quality sound virtually anywhere on campus. We can accommodate demanding shows with professional equipment and technical knowledge. We are able to support even the busiest times of the year (NSO, Homecoming, Parents Weekend, Quadfest, etc.) by providing up to 5 live systems at the same time. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding how we provide this service. We would love to work with you to figure out how we can make your event as successful and affordable as possible.