We are Lens and Lights, a WPI club which provides quality lighting, sound, and projection services to the WPI campus and surrounding area. We are a group of very passionate individuals who are extremely passionate about what we do!

LnL has been providing lighting services to the WPI community since the early 1970s. Whether you need a single spotlight on a podium in the Odeum, or a full lighting setup for a large concert, LnL has the equipment, personnel, and technical expertise necessary to make your event both affordable and successful.

Our lighting services are used for a wide variety of events that include:

We have done lighting for popular bands such as Reel Big Fish, Ok Go, Yellow Card, They Might Be Giants, Lupe Fiasco, Relient K, and Matisyahu; and comedians such as Kevin Hart and Judah Friedlander.


The following is a list of the boards that LnL owns to allow us to work multiple lighting events at once ranging from a small speech to a large concert.

Conventional Fixtures and Dimmers

LnL also owns many conventional fixtures, which allow us to light any type of event requested.

Intelligent Fixtures

Additionally, LnL also owns many fixtures that give you functionality beyond a conventional fixture such as moving heads and LED lighting that are commonly used at dances and concerts.

To make all this happen, LnL owns a large amount of rigging equipment that allows us to hang lighting virtually anywhere on campus. You will typically see large lighting setups in the Odeum, Alden, Harrington, and on the Quad.


This huge selection of equipment allows us to provide professional lighting virtually anywhere on campus. We can accommodate demanding shows with professional equipment and technical knowledge. We are able to support even the busiest times of the year (NSO, Homecoming, Parents Weekend, Quadfest, etc.) by providing many live systems at the same time. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding how we provide this service. We would love to work with you to figure out how we can make your event as successful and affordable as possible.