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<h2>What is LnL?</h2>
<p>Lens and Lights (LnL) is a Class 3 organization at Worcester Polytechnic Institute that provides professional quality lighting, sound, and projection services for on and off campus events.</p>
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      <h2>How it Works</h2>
      <p>If you would like to submit a work order for an event please fill out a work order form. You can find the current event pricing in our Price List (PDF). If you have any questions regarding submitting a work order please email

lnl@wpi.edu and we will respond to you as quickly as possible!</p>
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<p><b>Monday, Novermber 26th:</b> Lens and Lights just celebrated their 50th anniversary. The Lens and Lights club at WPI was founded in the winter of 1962,
making 2012 the organization’s 50th anniversary. </p>

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<p><b>Monday, December 3rd:</b> LnL Website is new hurrr de durrr</p>
<p><b>Sunday, December 2nd:</b> New photos and shittt</p>
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