About Lens and Lights


We are Lens and Lights, a WPI club which provides quality lighting, sound, and projection services to the WPI campus and surrounding area. We are a group of very passionate individuals who are extremely passionate about what we do!

Membership Requirements

An active member needs to actively participate in five events in three of the areas listed below. Attendance to three consecutive meetings is also required (unless otherwise arranged). These requirements must be completed within a single semester. Having all these requirements does not necessarily mean that a member will be automatically activated; each activation will be decided on an individual basis by the executive board. It is also preferable to have worked at least one L3 or S3 before being activated. Active members are eligible to crew chief events, receive an LnL identification card, and can vote in club affairs.

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<li><strong>P16</strong> - 16mm Movie Projection</li>
<li><strong>P35</strong> - 35mm Movie Projection</li>
<li><strong>P70</strong> - 70mm Movie Projection</li>
<li><strong>S1</strong> - ‘Small Sound’; Single amp, speakers full ranged</li>
<li><strong>S2</strong> - ‘Medium Sound’; Rack of amps, speakers</li>
<li><strong>S3</strong> - ‘Large Sound’; Rack of amps, two stacks, crossover and monitors<br></li>
<li><strong>S4</strong> - ‘Huge Sound’; Rack of amps, four stacks, crossover and monitors<br></li>

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<li><strong>L1</strong> - ‘Small light’; Non dimmable, trees and gels</li>
<li><strong>L2</strong> - ‘Medium light’; Dimmable, up to 12 lights and gels</li>
<li><strong>L3</strong> - ‘Large light’; Dimmable, truss, rigging, automated fixtures and gels</li>
<li><strong>L4</strong> - ‘Huge light’; Dimmable, truss, rigging, automated fixtures and gels</li>
<li><strong>LS</strong> - ‘Lights & Sound’; Coffeehouse setup</li>
<li><strong>P</strong> - Power event with edison or Cam</li>
<li><strong>TSS</strong> - Ticket Sales & Security</li>