About Lens and Lights

Who We Are

We are Lens and Lights, a WPI student organization which provides quality lighting, sound, and projection services to the WPI community. We are a group of very passionate individuals who are interested in working with production equipment and advancing the WPI community.

To On-Campus Organizations

Do you want to be seen and heard by the masses in your event? Bring in Lens and Lights! We specialize in mobile lighting and sound, from a simple spotlight or microphone to full-stage setups. We also have a theater with high quality film and digital projection capacity. For information, contact our Vice-President or check out the online workorder form above.

To Interested Students

Want to work with high-quality equipment and become a driving force in getting things done on campus? Join LNL! We encourage you to stop by and chat or help out at any of our events. You can also pop by in one of our general body meetings, every Wednesday at 5PM in AK233, or visit our office on the third floor of the campus center.

Associate members need only help at an event for activation. An active member needs to participate in five events of at least 3 types (see our price list). Attendance one of the two meetings each week for three consecutive weeks is also required for full activation unless otherwise arranged. It is also recommended to have worked at least one L3 or S3 before being activated to get the full LNL experience. Active members are eligible to crew chief events and can vote in club affairs.


President - Ryan Peters (2021)

The president's job involves diplomacy - keeping the peace among club members and officers, serving as a liaison between the Club and WPI, and keeping the Club running smoothly.

Vice-President - Ben Peters (2023)

The VP is in charge of events, both making sure that there are people available to do them and quoting prices for the services we provide. They must also make sure the equipment requested is available before they can guarantee that services will be provided.

Technical Director - Kevin Boenisch (2021)

The Technical Director (or TD, as the position is commonly referred to) involves a lot of work. The TD's responsibilities include the purchase of new equipment, repair and upkeep of old equipment and the training of members. Also, the TD keeps the ATD's in line. A good knowledge of electronics and electricity, as well as a good knowledge of audio and lighting equipment are traits found in the TD. Also, the TD typically knows which end of the soldering iron to hold, but still manages to burn themself.

Head Projectionist - Kyle Mikolajczyk (2022)

The HP is in charge of the Club's projectors, making sure they are kept clean and maintained. The HP is also in charge of the PITs, Projectionists in Training. In order to run a 35/70mm projector in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts it is required the the projectionist has a Motion Picture Operator's license. The HP trains members to prepare for the examination required for the license. The HP must be licensed prior to being elected by the club.

Treasurer - Shane Jackson (2022)

The Treasurer is in charge of all money dealings, both with on-campus accounts at WPI and off-campus customers. They are also in charge of writing up the budget for each fiscal year and making sure we stick to it. The treasurer is also in charge of crew chiefing all Ticket Sales and Security at all LnL-sponsored events.

Secretary - Emily Baker (2021)

The Secretary keeps minutes for all the meetings (both Exec Board meetings and general). The secretary is also in charge of the club's computer account and keeping accurate membership lists. At the end of the academic year, the secretary tallies up all the hours worked by each of the members and sends it out, just to see who lost the most sleep!

Webmaster - Tom Nurse (2022)

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Club's public web page as well as internal member pages.